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Paid Sponsor Programs

Webpony sponsorship provides an excellent method for your horse site to get specific exposure to horse men and women!  Our Top Ranking site receives over 1300 unique visitors per day. Gold and Silver Sponsors have their ads show up every time the page is shown to a viewer. Thus giving your brand  excellent visibility to horse consumers and businesses that use WebPony services.

Ad Type 1 Month
Gold Sponsor:  Home Page/Search Engine Placement. Ads are placed on webpony main page and on the main search engine page and all search engine category pages!
Banner Ad, Side of Page $69.00/mo

Text Link $44.00/mo
Silver Sponsor: Search Engine Placement. Ads are placed on the main search engine page and all search engine category pages!
Banner Ad, Top of Page $170.00/mo
Banner Ad, Side of Page $50.00/mo
Text Link $29.00/mo

Banner Ad Sizing:
Top of Page: 250 x 60 pixels
Side of Page: 150 x 200 pixels (or less)
Text Ads: Up to 100 characters (including spaces)

For more information on WebPony advertising, including longer durations or specific page placement, contact us.

Other Advertising Options on WebPony:

Webpony Photo Classified Ad. Webpony allows you to upgrade your classified ads by adding a photo image to help you sell your item at low price of $15. Add your photo Advertisement at WebPony Classifieds.

Photos Ads

Video Ads

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Webpony also highly recommends the Marketing Tips Site for promotion and marketing ideas to help you increase your sites prospects! The course/video they offer is excellent and has helped Webpony explode with hits!      Marketing Tips Click Here


Email  us for more info on our sponsorship and promotion programs. 

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