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Thanks for your interest in Webpony Search!  I hope the following info helps you.

Please add a link back to us from your site if you can!
Cut and paste this code:

<!--Webpony Text Link -->
<a href="">WebPony Horse Search Engine</a>


<!--Webpony Image Link -->
<a href=""><img src=""></a>


 <!-Webpony Banner Image Link -->
<a href=""><img src="">



How can I tell if my link is on Webpony Search?

         Select "search" from on the menu bar. On the search page, type in keywords that are unique to your site
          like the title of your site. If your site in not in the results, you can submit your site.

Submitting a site to Webpony Search

     How to add my site to Webpony Search?

         Select "Add a  Site" from the menu bar. Fill out the form completely , be very careful to type in the
          correct URL (web address) for your site. Select a category from the pull-down list. Click on the
          "add resource"  button and your submission will be sent to us.

          Your site will reviewed and approved by Webpony Search team and will be added to the lists within
          7 days usually.  If it does not appear it was rejected for some reason. These reasons include 1) Not
          Horse Related, 2). Discription over 25 words, 3). Already listed in the index in 3 categories. 5) Title of
          submission does not match that of page, 4). Webpony  feels the site is not appropriate for some other reason.

         You can place your site in up to three categories on Webpony Search. Please place your site in the most
         appropriate category.

         Your Description should be  short sentence that describes exactly the purpose of your site. DO NOT type in
         ALL capital letters. Use facts and not over done claims as best, top, etc.

         Title Should match the title of your page.

         If you want to post a classified ad go to Webpony Classifieds.

Modifying a link

     How to make changes your submission.
          To change the URL address, category or description of your link that's on Webpony Search, select the "Modify
          Link"  from the menu bar. Fillin the form and click on the "modify resource" button. Webpony will review the
         changes and it will usually take 2-3 days to update.

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