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Webpony offers a great way to market your horse site to other horsemen and women! Webpony created a network of horse sites where your banner advertisement can lead to hits for your site. If you are looking for a free way to show banners check into the Banner Exchange. Don't want banners on your page or are interested in paid advertisements on Webpony or becoming a Webpony Sponsor check into our Paid Sponsor program here .

Tell your friends about this service! The ONLY Horse banner exchange on the net!

Free Exchange Signup         Paid Advertisement Info   

 What is a Banner Exchange Program?    Banner exchanges are a way to freely advertise your web site with a banner on other sites in the program.  How it works is for two banners that you put up on your site you get one of your banners placed on a members site in the program.  So if three people look at your site and you put the link exchange banner on it, somewhere on a member site your banner is showing once.  Your banner will have a link back to your page that viewers can click! Why for every 2 or 3? You get 2-1 ratio if you prominently place the banner within the first 300 pixels of the top of your page or 3-1 if placed below that. Good placement helps all our members!  

Here is an example:      

WebPony Horse Banner Exchange

Why Join Our Banner Exchange Program?  Banner exchanges promote your site.  Since this is a HORSE ONLY exchange your horse site banner is place on sites likely to have someone interested in what your site offers! If your selling horse blankets, wouldn't it be great if your add showed up on a Horse Show page?  On other exchange programs your ad may end up on a Star Trek site and they are spacey not horsey.  THIS IS TARGETED MARKETING, as they say in business school.

How do I sign up?  Click Join The Exchange Below:

Main Menu
Task Description
Join the Exchange Enter your details and become a member of BannerPlus banner exchange.
Members Statistics Review your statistics.
Modify Member Details Modify your membership details.
View HTML View HTML which should appear on member's page.
Top 10 Members The most successful banners in the exchange: the Top 10 Click Through List.
Forgotten Password? Enter your email address to be reminded of your password.

This will guide your through the registration process.  First create a banner and place it on your site.  To Signup you will fill out a simple form. Click "Next Step" button and your will be signed up.  Simple HTML code will have to be added to your site so that the banners are placed there. This HTML code communicates to our banner software tracking the number of hits you receive and also places your banner on other sites. Your code will be displayed and you need to cut and paste it to your site to activate your account. You will be given 100 free credits to start.

Build Your Banner!   Need A Banner? Some banner builders located on the web are listed here: Banner Creator ,Mediabuilder Animated Banner Maker.

How do I know how well it is doing?  The statistics of the number of impressions and click thru's that have resulted from your banner advertisement is available in report form. Goto Members Only Area for your stats or to modify your account information.

Paid Sponsor Programs. Webpony sponsorship provides an excellent method for your horse site to get specific exposure to horse men and women!  You can get one year of banner ads placed on Webpony, sponsor link on WebPony Search Engine main and cool pages for only $45.

Webpony is becoming one of the best sites for horse classified ads and the horse search engine receives thousands of hits per day alone!  SIGN UP SECURELY HERE. 

Check into our other Promotion Packages here. We offer banner ads by year or click thru, sponsorships and submission to horse and agricultural search engines.

Webpony also highly recommends the Marketing Tips Site for promotion and marketing ideas to help you increase your sites prospects! The course/video they offer is excellent and has helped Webpony explode with hits!

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